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5 Mouthwatering Seafood Dishes for your Spring Menu

5 Mouthwatering Seafood Dishes for your Spring Menu

After a long winter, spring marks the perfect time to shake up your menu and come up with some new dishes to satisfy your customers. As the weather slowly but surely starts to improve, appetites change, and seasonal changes mean a fresh new availability of seafood to help cater to them. 

Below we have highlighted some of our recommendations for mouthwatering seafood dishes that are sure to impress. 


1. Skrei Cod

Skrei Cod is only available from January to April, but despite the small window, Skrei Cod is a real winner that many savvy chefs are turning to. Sustainably caught in the crystal clear waters of the Barents Sea, Skrei Cod delivers both texture and mouth watering flavour. What more could you want? 

Recipe ideas

Though Skrei Cod can be used in any of your favourite cod recipes, it can really pay off if you use a recipe that takes advantage of the fish’s lean, meaty flesh. Stews in particular work really well with Skrei Cod. 


2. Salmon 

Salmon remains one of the most popular fish in the UK, and makes a great accompaniment for your spring menu. Versatile, easily prepared and full of flavour, Salmon can be used in a huge number of ways and is an easy essential for customers. 

Recipe ideas

The fact it is so versatile makes Salmon easy to pair with other seasonal extras, such as mint, new potatoes and asparagus, for a winning spring dish. 


3. Hake

In Spain, Portugal and Italy, Hake is widely enjoyed, but in the UK, through no fault of its own, Hake is an unappreciated gem. Now is the chance to win people over with this cracking fish. With a similar flavour to cod, Hake is a great alternative to the popular fish. Take advantage of its flaky texture and subtle flavour as a base for a mouthwatering dish. 

Recipe ideas

Hake is long, round and slender, making it perfect for steaks or fillets. Our suggestions are to serve with a strong flavoured sauce or seasoning, such as tomato or curry based sauces. 


4. Scallops

Scallops come back into season from March, meaning that it’s an easy fit for your spring menus. Not only are scallops attractive to look at, but they taste amazing too, and take very little time to cook. Scallops make a great starter, or as an additional extra for a cracking main course. 

Recipe ideas

Scallops work absolutely perfectly with pork, so our recommendation is to pair some buttered scallops up with some chorizo, pork terrine, grilled jowl, black get the jist. 


5. Monkfish

It may not be the nicest looking fish in the sea, but on a plate, there is plenty to love. The tails of monkfish yield some fantastic meat which is similar in taste to langoustine or scampi. It’s a simple seafood dish to prepare and is readily available from February onwards. 

Recipe ideas

Monkfish takes on strong flavours easily, making it an adaptable fish for your menu. Our recommendations are to partner with a strong sauce, such as tomato, or lemon and garlic. 


Share your recipes

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