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When are Gurnards in Season

When are Gurnards in Season

Though it used to be that Gurnards were thrown out of fisherman’s boats, these fish have experienced a surge in popularity, thanks to the recommendations of some high profile chefs. With greater demand for these tasty fish, there are plenty of reasons to get them on your menu if they aren’t already. 

The most common variations of Gurnard are Red and Grey. These can be found natively in the UK and the Mediterranean. In terms of taste, Gurnards have firm, textured flesh, which can easily take on new flavours from accompanying sauces or seasoning. 

They are also popular for stocks and soups and can pan fry and grill well. 

When are Gurnards available?

Both Red and Grey Gurnards have their best availability in April, May, August and September, with varying availability in June, July and October. There is lower availability in the summer months, as this is their spawning months. 

Preparing Gurnards

Gurnards can be difficult to prepare, so if you need any advice, let one of our expert filleters show you the way

Order Gurnard for your restaurant

The newfound popularity of Gurnard means greater demand. Thankfully, not only do we get regular stocks available in our local branches, but we are also very conscious about sustainability and maintaining populations. This is so that we can continue to provide fresh seafood far into the future. We don’t sell Yellow/ tub Gurnard as this is MCS rated 5 so must be Red or Grey

If you want gurnards delivered right to your door, find your local branch and give us a call.