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Sustainable Food Week 2020

Sustainable Food Week 2020

What is Sustainable Seafood Week?

Sustainable Seafood Week is the start of a nation-wide  movement towards eating more sustainable seafood and fish. From 10th to 17th of September the MSC will be challenging consumers to make a pledge to eat seafood coming only from sustainable sources.  The MSC is launching a consumer facing nationwide campaign called ‘What it takes’. It will highlight the passion and commitment from hardworking fishermen who work in extreme and difficult conditions, to fish and source sustainable seafood to consumer’s plates. To learn more about what it takes to keep fish on your plate and in the sea, forever, visit:

Why should you always choose sustainable seafood?

Our oceans contain up to 80 percent of life on earth, with seafood providing an important source of protein to more than 3 billion people across the world.  They provide us with the oxygen we need in order to thrive and live. Despite these facts, a third of fisheries around the world have been fished beyond sustainable limits, and a further 60% are fished to their maximum capacity. Sustainable fishing means leaving plenty of fish in the ocean whilst respecting habitats and ensuring good management that can adopt to environmental changes.

What does it take to become MSC certified?

Fisheries that volunteer to be assessed to the MSC Fisheries Standard are evaluated against 28 performance indicators, split into three key principles: sustainable fish stocks; minimising environmental impacts and effective management. In order to be certified, the fishery must score a minimum of 60 against all 28 performance indicators, and an average of 80 across each of the three overarching principles. The assessment is carried out by an accredited third-party certifier who employs a team of scientists to independently score the fishery.

Why is MSC a global effort?

The MSC is an international non-profit organisation whom is on a mission to stop overfishing and to keep oceans beaming with life for generations to come. It works with fisheries, retailers and brands around the globe to support and reward sustainable fishing, by using the MSC blue fish label so consumers can recognize seafood coming from sustainable sources. The MSC blue fish label is only applied to wild fish or seafood from fisheries that have been certified to the MSC Fisheries Standard, a science-based set of requirements for sustainable fishing.

Here at M & J Seafoods we stock a wise range of sustainable products, so please contact us to get a copy of our “Simply Sustainable List” with details of all our MSC Products.


Sustainable Seafood Forum & MSC UK Awards | Marine Stewardship Council