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Skippers catch

Skippers catch

Local. Sustainable. Fresh. British Fish.

We all want to know where our food comes from right?  That’s why all of our fish and seafood is traceable back to the time and place it was caught. But what if you want to know a bit more? The name of the boat or even the name of the skipper that caught your fish?

Skipper’s Catch gives you exactly that. Skipper’s catch fish are all caught by small independent fishermen that sail out in day boats from ports right round the British coast early every morning and return in the afternoon with their catch.

And we know them all. We buy it all. We can tell you their stories.

When you buy Skipper’s Catch fish and seafood, you are also helping to keep local fishing communities alive and of course everything is caught in the most sustainable way (after all it's not just the fisherman’s livelihood their protecting, it’s their children’s.)

So if you want some very special British fish and seafood on your menu, sustainably caught and with all the background story you could dream of, sign up and find out what they’re landing right now.