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Storage & handling

Storage & handling

Getting it right

Our fresh fish is packed in food safe waxed boxes, covered with ice and delivered in temperature controlled vehicles. This keeps it as fresh as when it was pulled from the sea. To keep it in the best condition here are some tips on storage and handling.


Whole fish & fillets

Store whole fish on a tray in a refrigerator covered with cling film at between zero and two degrees centigrade. The gut cavity should be clean, and the fish should be dry, not sitting in a pool of water. Best to place the fish on a rack in a tray. Fillets and portions should be stored the same way.



Cover molluscs with a damp cloth, newspaper or seaweed, and keep the lid on the box to avoid drying out and keep the chill off. The ideal temperature is six and eight degrees centigrade. Never put directly in front of fans blowing chilled air.


Live crustaceans

Store live crustaceans in the same way you store molluscs. Pick up live crustaceans by the body, not the claws or tail. Treat them carefully. Dropping, throwing or skidding the boxes across the floor will stress the fish and weaken them.



Store in the same way as live crustaceans and Molluscs but always sit them cup side down to keep the moisture in.


Smoked fish

Store smoked fish separately from raw fish in the refrigerator. Remember hot smoked fish is a ‘high risk’ product and should be stored carefully at or below three degrees centigrade.


Frozen fish

Frozen fish should be defrosted overnight in a refrigerator or cooked from frozen, but never in-between.