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Salt-of-the-earth fishmongers

We are fishmongers. It's what we do. It's what we've done for over 30 years. Sourcing the freshest fish from local ports and the world market in a sustainable way. Filleted in the best way (a way that saves you money). Brought to your kitchen door in the fastest way.

Sounds simple doesn't it... but like your trade it takes a lot of know-how. Years of understanding the seafood market and the challenges of buying and dealing in the last hunted food on earth. This isn't something we learnt at school or from any management school. We got our know-how from the trade.

It’s no-nonsense, straight talking, honest fishmongery.

  • Freshest of the UK daily catch, no matter where you are (we don’t mean to brag, but we’ve got the biggest fish distribution network in the country)
  • Your fish is filleted expertly, consistently to your specifications by local, award-winning fishmongers
  • Daily landings, specials and seasonal promotions delivered to you daily
  • Huge range of fresh and frozen seafood and complementary lines
  • Expert advice from our buyers and fishmongers
  • Getting you fresh, wild-caught British fish from named boats and skippers
  • Leaders in sustainable fishing for over 30 years with the largest range of MSC-accredited products in UK foodservice
  • Our chefs work with you to create inspiring menus using the freshest fish