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M & J Seafood. Forty years of fresh, salt-of-the-earth fish mongering. Working 24 hours a day, six days a week to bring the daily local fish and seafood landings and the best of the world's catch to your kitchen door every morning. All responsibly sourced and expertly filleted by the best in the business.

Salt of the earth. Our fishmongers.

These lads and lasses are the best in the business. What our fishmongers don’t know about fresh fish and seafood you can write on the back of a Sprat. Award winning, skilled and hard working. They work throughout the night in each of our branches, filleting, cleaning and preparing fish for delivery to your kitchen the next morning.


Fish is one of the last hunted food sources and like all hunted species, is under threat of overhunting. We've always known this threat and for the last 40 years, we've worked with whoever would listen to make sure that fish and seafood are caught in numbers that don't threaten their existence. We've worked with Governments and Non-Government Organisations across the world to make sure that there are always plenty of other fish in the sea.

We never buy fish from suppliers that don’t go about their business in the right way. Our fish and seafood always comes from well-managed fisheries and is always responsibly sourced. We don't do business with fishermen or farms that don't live up to our exacting standards. Find out more here.

Let’s be straight. We want your business to do well, because when you do well, so do we. Simple. We promise to get you high quality, fresh fish and seafood at a fair price and deliver it with care every time. We are the fresh fish market on your doorstep.

Want to know more? Check out where we source our fish from and the big players in marine conservation we work with on sustainability. Get to know more about us, or sign up to get your local branch’s daily specials and offers sent straight to your phone or tablet. There’s always something special on but act quick to get first dibs.

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