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Sustainable alternatives

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It’s not easy to get customers to try something new but there are still loads of ways to put sustainable fish on your menu without frightening them away. Here are a few customer-friendly fish and seafood species that are under-utilised and economical.

Red Gurnard

With looks only a mother can love this is a fish that proves there is more to life than a pretty face. A sustainable star with a stunning texture and flavour, it once just had a supporting role in stews but has now stepped boldly into the culinary limelight.

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Once a poor mans' dish, Mussels are one of the most environmentally sound seafood you can get. They’ve long lost their cheap and cheerful image and their versatility means they can be used in lots of  creative ways.

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Not just the little chaps kids catch in their shrimping nets - this is a flatfish with a future. They are one of the most plentiful fish in British waters and you can use Dabs in most recipes that you would usually use Turbot, Sole or Plaice in.

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The Megrim is an inexpensive flatfish from the Brill and Turbot family, with a delicate, sweet Sole flavour and slightly softer texture. It can be cooked like Sole or Plaice. It also takes on other flavours well and gives another opportunity to get creative in the kitchen.

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After more than a 100 years, Sardines are now making a big comeback to our waters. Popular with many customers who fall for them, hook line and sinker, on their Mediterranean holidays. Their rich oily flavour works well with a sharp sauce or pickled accompaniment.

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Most British Brown Crabs are caught by potting, a method of fishing which ensures any by-catch, youngsters or females with eggs can be returned to the sea. All of which means customers can enjoy this lovely crustacean with complete peace of mind.

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One of the fastest and loveliest looking fish in our waters. Stunning value, plentiful and yet amazingly under-rated. Delicious, sustainable, nutritious and full of Omega-3 oils – it’s hard to ask more from any fish. Use sharp sauces or just grill and let them speak for themselves.

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