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The Perfect Takeaway Seafood Dishes

The Perfect Takeaway Seafood Dishes

Despite the current restrictions, restaurants, takeaways, cafes and pubs are doing their best to ensure that they are still able to provide customers with delicious food through the option of takeaway or delivery. However, many restaurants can find that their menus are not as easily translatable into a takeaway form as they had hoped. Looking for new seafood takeaway ideas to help satisfy your customers’ cravings? Look no further...

Paella de Marisco 

A classic Spanish dish that originated in Valencia, Paella is a delightful combination of warming spices such as saffron, paired with rice and meat. However, Paella de Marisco (also known as Seafood Paella) is a welcome variation of this, and one of the most popular paella recipes in the world. Replacing the meat with seafood and removing beans and green vegetables, Seafood Paella is a rich dish with ample flavours, designed to tickle the fancy of all those who eat it. Thanks to the rice base as well as its other easily transportable components, Paella de Marisco is the perfect takeaway seafood dish, allowing your customers to enjoy your food from the comfort of their homes.


As proven by fish and chip shops across the nation, even before today’s current restrictions, Scampi is an ideal seafood dish for takeaway. Of course, Scampi can take many forms. from the ultimate comfort food of beer-battered Scampi and chips to more luxurious dishes like Wholetail Scampi Greek Salad, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to planning a dish that suits your restaurant. Thanks to its easily transportable nature, Scampi can be well presented in a takeaway box ready to be delivered or collected from your restaurant. 

Fish and Chips

A simple and obvious choice you might think, but fish and chips is a traditional English dish which is a firm favourite for many. Much like Scampi, there are plenty of classic fish and chips variations that your restaurant can opt for to better fit in with your existing menu and the unique style of your restaurant. From a hearty battered cod and chips to baked haddock fillets with red pesto, crispy breadcrumbs and sweet potato fries, there’s plenty of ways to treat your customers to the well-loved fish and chips they’ve been looking - all in a way that’s easy to get delivered or to collect.

Seafood Pasta

When it comes to seafood pasta, there’s plenty of choice - from the various types of seafood to the ample selection of pasta shapes to pair it with. Whether you opt for comforting creamy salmon penne or a spicy tomato prawn linguine, your seafood pasta can be easily transported in the safety of a takeaway box. However, in the event that your seafood pasta is particularly heavy on the sauce, we recommend ensuring that the takeaway box is secure and accompanied by plenty of napkins, to prevent spillage during transportation.

Delicious Seafood Snacks

Whitebait is a great option for a takeaway snack as its easy to prepare and cooks in minutes. Lightly breaded and fried until golden, served with a garlic and dill dipping sauce is hard to beat! 


Prawns are often a fan favourite when it comes to seafood. Breaded butterfly king prawns make a great addition to any seafood meal. Serve with fresh lemon juice and a side of dipping sauce! Jumbo panko breaded squid rings are also a crowd pleaser, easy to prepare and cook, simply finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  


 Bistro Hand Battered MSC Cod Fillets have the added benefit from being cooked from frozen, saving you time. Our Cod fillets have a hand battered appearance with crunchy, delicious batter. 

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