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Filleting Lemon Sole

Filleting Lemon Sole

Filleting Instructions

Take a look at our video below to find out how to correctly fillet Lemon Sole. Perfect for a delicious fish dish, at home or as a part of your top notch seafood restaurant menu. Lemon Sole is native to Northern Europe and is a flatfish with a firm texture. For little to no wastage, try using the small bones of the Lemon Sole while cooking for additional flavour. Alternatively, the smaller bones are still removable. The flesh of the Lemon Sole is known to be both sweet and gentle, which is why it is a popular choice amongst fish connoisseurs. Lemon Sole is most readily available during late spring to early autumn.

Due to the texture and thickness of the skin, the filleting of Lemon Sole can be seen as a tricky process. But it doesn’t have to be. This video shows the most efficient way to remove the skin from the flesh to ensure the best preparation for cooking.

There are several ways for Lemon Sole to be prepared and served. We suggest grilling, baking or steaming with a herb and lemon sauce or light creamy sauce, to best compliment the flesh of the Lemon Sole.

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  • Holding the fish by the tail (dark side up) make a half moon cut at the base of the tail.
  • Going from tail to head with the knife, release the fillet from the frame to a depth of 10mm.
  • Then going from head to tail release the fillet until you reach the middle of the fish.
  • Turn the fish so the head is pointing towards you, score round the head.
  • Holding up the fillet, cut through the rib bone and release the fillet fully from the frame.
  • Repeat the process on the white skin side.
  • To finish, trim off any remaining rib bones.