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Preparing Whole Squid

Preparing Whole Squid

Filleting Instructions

This video shows you to prepare a whole squid for the perfect fish feast, ideal for part of your gourmet seafood menu or to enjoy at home. Squid is a cephalopod known for its strong flavour and many tentacles. Squid may not be known for its beauty, but it is choc full of protein. Squid is best available from July to January but can still be attained during off season months.

As the preparing of Squid is a careful and lengthy process, this video walks you through the removal of unwanted parts of squid such as the quill and beak so that you can fillet your squid at home. While the most popular form of cooked Squid is calamari, it can also be made into a variety of unique taste-bud tingling dishes. As whole Squid can be grilled, pan-fried and slow-cooked there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy your Squid. It can be made into different dishes like salt and pepper Squid, risotto stuffed Squid and seafood pasta dishes. Squid ink can also be used in your cooking, many people use it for popular Squid ink pasta dishes.

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