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We've been in the fish and seafood trade for over 35 years.  We've done a lot in that time. We've opened branches up across Great Britain and made a network geared so we can get the freshest fish and seafood to your kitchen door no matter where you are. We've been the loudest voice in making sure responsible fishing practices are at the front of people’s minds when buying and eating fish and seafood. We've kept old traditional skills alive and taken up newer technologies to keep you up to date with what's landed. It is, after all, what we know you expect from us.

But the one thing we've always done, the one thing that is closest to our hearts, the thing that every one of us at M&J gets up in the morning to do is simple...

It's no-nonsense, straight talking, good, honest fishmongering.


And we know that when it comes down to brass tacks that's what you value in us the most.

Our new look brings this non-nonsense approach to life. It's big, bold and it's honest and you will see a lot more of it over time. We appreciate that what we look like might not be up there in your list of things to worry about. To us it's a constant reminder to always be the best we can be and to give you the best product, service, and expertise at all times.